About Correspondent

“ If men care for gold, they must dig for it or be content with straw. If one wants pearls, one has to dive into the ocean or be content with pebbles on the shore.”

About Sri DVS Chakravarthy Reddy

Mr. DVS Chakravarthy Reddy is son of visionary father, Mr. Devapatla Harinatha Reddy . He is carrying his fathers’ spirit of desire about valued education system for better society. He has his punctuality in pursuit of happiness with distinctions. His impressive personality leads to set things right in decision making steps at peak situations.

He is redefining the etiquette of the quality education with an indomitable team spirit as one. In treading the path of his father, he is blazing the way, with a trail of achievements and accomplished goals by setting his own targets to strengthen his motives.

He is an iconic figure of idealism in constructing his dreams about providing education for poor people. His vision towards a locale which would cherish all his ideals, deed in fountain of knowledge, to serve and enhance the very meaning of existence over excellence among others.

His collaborative nature shows the possibility of making social and human values at heights of dedication and moral integrity.

This multi-faceted personality is quite enthusiastic in bringing laurels to SDHR colleges in its continuing account of success. His other asset is welcoming provoking thoughts to develop students under the SDHR college academic programs.

For students, he is a sustainable source of inspiration with hallmarked practice of teaching and learning process. His innovative thoughts encompass worthy practices, with a league of measures, to cope new challenges, in bringing fourth potential professionals and providing cost based equipment for advancement practical learning scope.

His profound desire to make the young students of today’s world would wake up to the realities and achieve the goals with noble thoughts and deeds from basic sciences and integrated learning programs.

He strongly believed in words about dreams of success and it is a firmly get by doing hard work with lot of awareness. It should equip to delve into the vast ocean of knowledge and pick pearls of wisdom that empowers them to deal successfully with the turbulence of the rapidly changing times. It should inspire them to dream as well as infuse them with qualities of diligence and hard work to realize those dreams.

Fields of Interests

  • Education, Entrepreneurship, Social service and Politics


  • Founder and Chairman of SDHR colleges since 1996. Started SDHR academic Institutions to cater the educational needs in extreme south of Andhra Pradesh which is fast growing region with values of standard education in ‘Rayalaseema’.
  • Placed SDHR Colleges at enviable heights among educational institutions in S.V. University affiliated colleges.
  • Voluntarily and passionately conducted many social service activities involving staff, students in the presence of dignitaries, Govt. officers and eminent academicians.
  • Conducting meetings, seminars from external sources to boost and strengthen abilities of students to put their mark at their better services to the society/nation.
  • Strived to facilitate better services in not just education, but also installed responsibilities towards scientific-technological firms.
  • Different scholarships are preferentially sanctioned by concerned authorities based on the necessary steps he made for the sake of bright and poor students.


The essential responsibility of Correspondent is link to chain academic processes and will be key to the ongoing success of SDHR colleges. Our ideal Correspondent has enthusiasm for the role, will be organized, and will be comfortable soliciting the support of peers.

Through the responsibilities carried out as a sequence of success though the tools as .......

"Collaborate, Communicate and Motivate"

  • Founder & Correspondent of SDHR colleges, Tirupati (Chittoor) and Raychoti (Kadapa).
  • Ex-Member of Executive Council, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa.
  • Ex-Senate Member of Academic Council, S.V. University, Tirupati.

Social Service

  • Providing free education for economically backward students.
  • Conducted over 50 blood donation camps by creating immense awareness among students.
  • Participated active part in ‘Swatch Bharath’ Mission.
  • Invited many Govt. officials to deliver their valuable words for students about Anti Ragging, Gender balancing development to the society and well awareness on difficulties of life without proper knowledge.
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